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ISO Training Programmes 

There is no substitute for knowledge, and understanding ISO's Increases not only staff ability, but also has a positive affect on the businesses they work for.  We provide five levels of training for all levels of learner from deputy management reps to ISO consultants 

We provide all five training packages for any of these great standards:

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001

ISO 27001

ISO 22301 

Below is the outline for the five levels of ISO training we provide, please contact us for a no obligation quote.

Foundation Training - £399

This is a great training package for employees to help them understand the basics of ISO, it gives them a basic knowledge of how standards work and how they affect business, this is also great to help prepare key staff for an external audit or for deputy MR

Advance Training - £599

This training package is designed for managers and owners who want to oversee compliance, the package will give them the core knowledge they need to manage all aspects of the ISO process, and also covers the difference between the standards and how they interact. This package gives a full understanding of ISO standards and will provide the learners all the knowledge they need to design their own systems and documentation ideal for all MR’s

Internal Auditor Training - £599

This training will provide learners a structured programme that will allow them to competently conduct internal audits against ISO in any sector, this is great for compliance officers in larger companies and also for anyone looking to offer internal audits as a service.

Lead Auditor Training - £1099

The Lead Auditor training combines the Advance training detailed above with the internal auditor training, this is a great programme for business owners, senior managers and anyone who is looking to offer consultancy for ISO in any sector

Consultant Plus Training - £1499

The Consultant Plus training offers the same as the Lead Auditor training however you also receive six one hour workshops after the training to further develop your skills, this gives you six weeks full support and six weeks phone and email support to ensure that you have the backing you need during your business set up phase, also great for business owners who want to create their own ISO system but need a little extra help to ensure it’s perfect.

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