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Why should I apply for ISO 50001 certification?

The ISO 50001 standard can help your business improve its business processes, use resources more efficiently and save money by cutting your energy consumption and carbon emissions. The standard is suitable for all businesses in the private and public sector from sole traders to multinational organisations.

Here are some benefits of using the ISO 50001 framework:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions: this standard will help you meet energy efficiency targets (voluntary or mandatory) and comply with legislation to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Increase cost savings: by using the standard’s structured approach to managing your energy consumption you can reduce your energy costs
  • Improve understanding of equipment: by integrating your energy management system with other management systems you’ll gain additional insights into your energy use
  • Better decisions: the ISO 50001 framework helps you gather accurate data on energy use, so you can design more efficient systems and processes for your business
  • Increase energy awareness: implementing ISO 50001 will help you communicate your energy efficiency policies more effectively to employees
  • Get it right first time: the ISO 50001 structured framework will help your employees implement energy saving processes effectively
  • Enhance your brand: achieving ISO 50001 certification will show your commitment to corporate social responsibility and enhance your image and credibility with customers and other stakeholders
  • Secure energy supplies: by identifying your exposure to energy supply risks, ISO 50001 helps you take steps to reduce them
  • Improve operational efficiencies: the ISO 50001 framework will help you develop efficient maintenance practices that reduce energy consumption.
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