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ISO certification process

Our Process 

Our process is designed not only to meet the requirements of a certification body, but also to ensure that our clients get the best possible advice and guidance to help ensure that they continually improve - This is what ISO is about, not just a certificate on the wall.

Full processes and standards are available upon request


It is our policy that all appointed Assessors shall meet the criteria stipulated below.

Auditors will have a minimum of 5 year’s experience with a UKAS accredited body and must hold up to date training for the latest ISO editions in their field – To ensure you get the most from your audit

CAW Certification Services auditors are encouraged to be active consultants to ensure they are up to date with all good practices however none of our auditors are permitted to sign off audits or verify NC’s for any company they have provided consultancy to – This ensures that our audit team remains impartial and our High Standards are maintained

Not to offer consultancy services in any capacity that would create a conflict of interest with the work that they are employed to carry out – We rotate our audit teams on a 2-year cycle to ensure they remain impartial

Be helpful and recommend software and free applications to improve efficiency - A certificate on the wall isn’t what ISO is about

Undertake the audit impartially and within the requirements of CAW Certification Services Procedures - Also work around your schedule whenever possible

Only raise non-conformities that are based on fact - not conjecture, and we encourage our staff to close out on the day - To remove revisit fees charged by other certification bodies

To give professional advice to Improve all the Business’s we audit

- Our Auditors will advise you on how they think you can most improve your business 

Global ISO Services Limited (Company number: 13852644) TA - CAW Certification services 

ISO award

What is included with our ISO certification Packages 

We understand what an achievement it is to meet the standards and receive ISO certification, on completion we provide you with:

  1. full Clause by Clause report to help you not only understand how you meet the standards 
  2. A unique Business Improvement Plan to help you develop your business and operations 
  3. Optional Glass Engraved Trophy or Awards Plaque (additional cost) 
  4. Certification & registration for the standards achieved 

Also - Plaques available at an extra costs

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